Logan Paul starts training with Mayweathers, KSI says boxing match not 100 percent

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Logan Paul, who was in the news recently for violating YouTube's content policy, now has more to worry about, with KSI challenging him to get in the ring. And with the challenge in negotiations, the potential fight between the YouTube superstars is now widely anticipated.

KSI is an English social influencer, also a former FIFA content creator, who has experienced with different venues such as acting and music, is now widely successful with up to 18 million YouTube subscribers.

KSI was in a charity boxing match with Joe Weller at the beginning of February, with the fight being the largest charity boxing match on record. 8,000 people attended at the Copper Box Arena with over one million online viewers. The replay of it has been viewed over 16 million times after being posted.

After that fight he stated he wanted Logan or Jake Paul in the ring, which is why the fight now being organized.

Both Logan and Jake Paul tried to avoid the match, through posting videos saying they would take on an MMA fighter and would rather have their Dad box, saying KSI isn't socially relevant enough to fight. But Drama Alert host Keemstar, says Logan Paul will put up his fists.

Logan Paul is the controversial YouTuber, living in California right now but is a native of Ohio. Early 2018 he got in a ton of trouble after a viral video of Paul in Japan was uploaded, with the video consisting of a suicide victims corpse. Posting this for 17 million subscribers to see, it produced backlash around the planet, leading him into hiatus for about a month.

But Logan is now back in the headlines, and speculation of the fight has been brewing. FaZe Sensei, multi-black belt at 26 with a broad experience in the ring, including kickboxing and MMA, associated with the FaZe Clan since starting FaZe Fitness in 2015 after his work with FaZe Temperrr weighed in.

FaZe Sensei believes Logan would be a challenging fight and that Paul appears to be a skilled opponent with apparent experience in training based on the videos he posted from the Mayweather Gym.

FaZe Sensei says, "Coming from someone who trains people off the street, I will tell you a couple things. It’s clear that Logan has hit pads before, he’s definitely had tape on his hands before and he’s definitely hit pads. He definitely hits pads a lot better than Jake."

Logan also apparently has good posture, can keep his hands up, while having his height and reach as an advantage against KSI.

It's obvious why KSI would want to fight Logan Paul since Logan would act as a great villain, since he degraded the dead, showing a lack of respect for those who have committed suicide. Certainly, Logan deserves a punch in the face, but KSI may be running scared. In a video today KSI said it's not 100 percent he is fighting Logan Paul. "Ultimately it's my choice, I'm the one who decided everything, so I can decide who I want to fight."

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