Melanoma treatment options reduce return of deadly cancer [INTERVIEW]

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Melanoma claimed the lives of more than 9,700 American’s last year.  The American Cancer Society reports that more than 87,000 new cases were reported.

While there are many types of skin cancer out there, melanoma is the most serious and it is becoming more common as incident reports have grown by nearly 50 percent in the past 15 years.  The good news is that there is a new treatment option involving removing the cancer and the lymph nodes that may prevent melanoma from ever returning.

Immuno-Oncology is one of the most exciting areas of cancer research going on right now.  For years, people with melanoma may have experienced gaps in their treatment.  In fact, 7 out of 10 patients who had stage III melanoma, did not receive the necessary treatment to keep the cancer from returning.  Without this treatment, stage IIIB and IIIC cancer patients the majority experienced a resurgence of melanoma within five years.

This new surgery option of also removing the lymph nodes, paired with proper medication like Opvido has been shown to reduce the likelihood of the return of melanoma.

Dr. Jeffrey S. Weber, deputy director of the Perlmutter Cancer Center at NYU Langone Health and Dr. Louise M. Perkins, Chief Science Officer at the Melanoma Research Alliance spoke with Michelle Tompkins for about melanoma, what are these exciting new treatment options, how they differ from previous treatments, how Opdivo can help, what questions people should ask their doctors about melanoma and more.

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