Pharrell muse Mette Towley steals show at NBA All-Star Game

Mette Towley: a name that the people of Twitter simply cannot get off of the tips of their tongues after the NBA All-Star Game Half Time Show.

This is aside from discussing Fergie’s less than stellar performance of the National Anthem.

Move over Amber Rose for Pharrell protégé and fellow blonde bald-headed scallywag, Mette. You may otherwise know her as the NERD dancer who let Rihanna shave her dark, curly locks. She has come to collect wigs.


Photo by Brandon Caldwell @_brandoc



The people of social media have spoken and they simply cannot stop talking about her. She held a piercing look in her eyes as she stepped out of the blue, glowing truck on stage at the Staples Center Saturday night. You immediately know it's about to be a party. She suddenly turns around and rhythmically whips her head and hips to the beat. She borrows from the north and the south, and she mixes New Orleans Bounce and Chicago bopping leaving everyone mesmerized and wanting for more. In a single sashay across the stage, she has become the newest and hottest dance craze since the #NaeNae. She left Pharrell and Migos in the background, jumping onto the scene and stealing the show. See the video here:

Who is Mette Towley? 

The self-described female protagonist has been a part of Pharrell’s dance team and NERD since 2014. She is most known for her solo routine during the “Lemon” video. Mette is covered in glitter and gyrates to a dance choreographed by JaQuel Knight (think: “Single Ladies” by Beyoncé). She does all of this amid getting her head shaved by the Barbadian Queen herself, Rihanna. Wonder what she's doing when she’s not delivering sick moves on the dancefloor? Staying cool, moisturized, and refreshed for her hot yoga classes in LA.

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