TBS releases new web series based on an Instagram account


TBS has begun to dip their toe into streaming and original content creation as they have launched a new web series — entitled Blair — that’s based off an Instagram account.

Mo Welch is the creative force behind Blair, being the account owner and creator. Blair is a series of short videos that center around the misadventures of an introverted recluse.

“Parties are the worst,” Blair says in an episode entitled Party Tips for a Party You Want To Leave. “I mean, you’re forced into a room with a bunch of people you don’t know. People expect you to smile, talk to them and, if things go really wrong for you, they will expect you to dance. Luckily I’ve got some pointers to help you survive any party. You can just thank me later — even though you can’t, because I’m leaving this party ASAP."

TBS has now released ten original episodes of Blair — all of which are available to watch on the TBS website, and the first three having been added to TBS’ Digital playlist on YouTube.

Welch helped create all of the episodes, as she provides the voice-over narration, animates and writes all of the original content. Her Instagram account has over 50,000 subscribers, full of Blair fans.

Juliet waiting for her late dinner. #Blair

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This isn’t the first time that TBS has been looking to online creators to help create content. According to Tube Filter, the challenge will also be premiering a new animated comedy entitled Final Space from YouTube star Olan Rogers later this month. They also teamed up with Refinery 29 to launch a comedy series for female creators last December.

Watch all ten episodes of Blair on TBS’ website by clicking here, and let us know, in the comments below, what did you think of these shorts? Did you watch all ten? Who should TBS tap next?

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