Top 10 things to expect in 'Westworld' season 2

Get ready for the return to Westworld.

The critically acclaimed HBO show Westworld is making its season 2 debut on April 22. The first season had a lot of answers for fans that had been asking questions, but the finale opened up a whole new set of speculations.

WARNING: There are major spoilers ahead. If you haven't watched Westworld yet, I highly recommend you not read ahead and just watch the show to find out what it's about. Trust me, it's 100 percent worth it.

Credit: HBO via YouTube

The last season left us off on a few separate story beats: Maeve decided not to leave on the train, and instead re-entered the park to look for her daughter; it was revealed that the Man in Black is actually William; Bernard has fully realized that he's a host with the memories of Arnold; and Ford's final narrative, "Journey into Night," was launched, unleashing Delores on her murderous rampage. The main hosts are now also supposedly "conscious" and have reached the center of the maze.

Whew. Even that brief summary doesn't fully unpack the finale of Westworld. If there are some things you've forgotten, don't worry: here are the top 10 things to expect from Westworld's second season.

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