YouTube announces three new punishments for top creators who violate their policies


YouTube is taking further action against content creators who are posting hateful or insensitive content by adding new punishments for anyone who violates their policies.

These punishments, according to a blog post by VP of product management Ariel Bardin, include: removal from YouTube’s Google Preferred ad program and cancellation of any of their YouTube Red series; complete suspension of ads and the possibility to be expelled from the YouTube Partner Program; and the removal of a channel’s ability to be trending, recommended or in the ‘watch next’ section.

“YouTube creators are part of a larger and influential community,” the company said in a post. “We want to ensure that YouTube policies are clear and all creators are empowered to use their influence responsibly in the YouTube community.”

These new policies are an initial reaction to controversial vlogger Logan Paul — one who has been in the news all too much these days as he posted a video that featured the body of a suicide victim for his tween audience to see last January.

Paul was initially facing the first listed punishment, as is Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg after he made anti-Semitic jokes last year. However, Paul has recently been upgraded to the second punishment as well, as the company has suspended all the ads from all of his channels.

YouTube also has created a new page in their Help Center that outlines their guidelines and how creators should proceed. They also promised that “if the action is egregious, repeated or coupled with malicious intent, it may result in stricter or longer repercussions.”

This new program also is looking to stop the spread of inappropriate children’s videos — something YouTube has been cracking down on lately — hate speech, causing other people pain for the sake of views and traumatizing pranks.

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