Dr. Seuss is back and he's grumpier than ever in first trailer for 'The Grinch'

The Grinch

Benedict Cumberbatch has solved crimes as Sherlock, he’s crossed the multi-verse as Dr. Strange and he’s threatened the galaxy as Khan. Now, he’s taking on something he hasn’t done yet — he’s stealing presents from innocent residents of Who-ville as The Grinch.

The first trailer for Illumination’s The Grinch has been released, adapting the classic Dr. Seuss tale.

The Grinch
credit: YouTube

The property had been previously adapted in the 1966 half-hour animated TV special narrated by Boris Karloff and again in Ron Howard’s 2000 live-action film that starred Jim Carrey.

Now, the Grinch is returning to animation form. Illumination has been on a hot streak with their animated properties as of late, owning the Despicable Me and Minions franchise, with The Secret Life of Pets and Sing as well. This is Illumination’s second Dr. Seuss adaptation, as they released The Lorax back in 2012.

The trailer is little more than a tease — we see The Grinch and his dog Max grumpily stomping around his cave, enviously looking down at the people of Who-ville and all the happiness they feel around Christmas time.

credit: YouTube

There’s also another Pharrell song in there because, apparently, Pharrell must be contracted to have his music appear in every Illumination movie, ever.

However, the animation is fun, Max looks adorable and The Grinch is a classic tale with a prime Thanksgiving release. It’s harmless and looks like it could be a good time.

credit: YouTube

The film is directed by Yarrow Cheney and Scott Mosier, with a script from Michael LeSieur. No other cast besides Cumberbatch has been announced at this time.

The Grinch will be released on Nov. 9, 2018.

Watch the trailer here and let us know what you think of The Grinch in the comments below. Are you going to be taking your family to see this one? Or are you sick of Illumination?



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