Dragon Ball Super: 5 takeaways from episode 129

5. Mastered Ultra Instinct form was unveiled

By this point, Goku has reached Ultra Instinct for the third time. Emanating from Goku’s body is this white heat that cascades down the exterior of his fighting gui. The last two times he had complications with maintaining the form and turning the energy into power that could damage his opponent. The question going in wasn’t just can he master the form, but will he be able to take the toll his body garners from breaking his limits.

And right as Jiren attempts a finishing blast towards Goku, Goku’s hair glows in an incandescent shade, he moves his right foot and the point of view shifts to Jiren’s eyes as Goku suddenly appears behind him in an instant, casually flipping Jiren’s blast as if it was child’s play.

Goku then hit Jiren with a mealy of punches without raising a finger. And with a glare in his eye, his bright solar flared body comes into focus as it reveals itself with white hair as Mastered Ultra Instinct.

Dragon Ball Super
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