Dragon Ball Super: 5 takeaways from episode 129

3. The Zeno Sama's are fans of Goku

Since before the tournament, Zeno has taken a liking towards Goku. He is the one who brought both Zenos from the two different dimensions together and he’s the one who put the idea in their heads to form the Tournament of Power—which I’m sure Goku would want the other universes to forget.

And as powerful as Jiren and Goku are, the Zenos are still the most powerful deities at the tournament. I mean they have little iPads that can erase entire universes off the map.

While it’s clear the Zenos are enjoying the fighting, they’ve also become huge Goku fans. During the episode, Goku charged up his signature Kamehameha Wave and the Zenos mimicked the form from their seats as they watched him in awe.

The fact that Zeno has liked Goku since before the tournament and that the future Zeno and current Zeno have become fans creates an interesting question about whether or not they hesitate to erase Universe 7 if they lose.

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