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Emma Watson: Her "TimesUp" Tattoo symbolizes activism in Hollywood and begs questions about grammar

Emma Watson, Time's Up, #TimesUp

Emma Watson, famous English Actress, and global sensation attended the Oscars last Sunday, which was notable for the advancing of the #TimeUp movement and also diversity in Hollywood. This year's Oscars is occurring during a turbulent unveiling within the box office biz, and to show her support for the movement she displayed her TimesUp tattoo. Of course, there is an obvious flaw in the skin art.

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Emma Watson made the joke of hiring out a "fake tattoo proofreader" after a grammatical error was sighted in her temporary tattoo on her right forearm after unveiling her "Times Up" tattoo, with no apostrophe, (Time's Up), while attending the Vanity Fair Oscar Party last Sunday. Numerous adoring fans replied to her joke saying they would love to take the "job," numbering a few thousand.

Watson, famous actress, Hermoine, and Brown University graduate showed up with the tattoo as a statement against sexual harassment which the #TimesUp movement is actively spreading awareness about and is fighting, making a significant impact, according to Business Insider.

Others cited that on Twitter the #TimesUp is correct because you can't use an apostrophe, therefore we could make the excuse that it was an intentional artistic grammatical error or was left out so the graphic would have a seamless style.

Emma Watson to note is extremely active in the Time's Up movement, engaging with the movement and she gave  £1m to yet another anti-harassment campaign.

Watson was quoted on Instagram, stating,  "United across industries and communities, we believe all women and people deserve to live with safety and dignity. #TIMESUP on imbalance of power," according to the BBC.

The donation adds tremendous funds and will be a bulwark since 200 female British and Irish stars put their signature on an open letter calling for an end to sexual harassment at work, with anticipation that many on the list will donate. Many notable actresses such as Emma Thompson and Keira Knightley stand with Emma Watson.

During the Bafta Awards in London last Sunday night woman wore black to symbolize the movement in London is with the Hollywood movement among women, the movement sparked when even one of the most powerful men in Hollywood, Harvey Weinstein was taken down. Although Weinstein is just one of many, and it is why the Timesup Movement is doubling down.

Watson has been one of the starting contributors to the U.K. Justice and Equality Fund, which is running a  crowdfunding campaign to help establish an overhauled advice network, according to BBC.

Of course, since the hashtag is what people think of when they think of the TimesUp movement and since also the apostrophe is not pronounced in the spoken word nor is it stylistically matching with the twitter populated movement it's ok for the Tattoo. Although in print it should be Time's Up or Time is Up because you use, "Times" in pointing many moments, as in for example "many Times Up there." Ultimately Emma Watson was showing the Tattoo for a reason, and it signals that women in Hollywood will finally get their fair say.

So, what do you think, is TimesUp or is Time'sUP is correct?


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