Fortnite: 'Battle Royale' adds 20v20 combat mode


Fortnite is the atropian world of wonders, building fortresses, blasting your competitors with Legendary Assault Rifles and strategically placing oneself in position to be the last person standing, using a camouflaged bush to sneak up on someone as the circle closes in.

But now Fortnite has taken it up a notch with the latest v3.2 patch update for Battle Royale, which was released early Thursday morning.

Previously in Fortnite, you were only able to battle with a team of 4 maximum, but now you can roll up with a squad 20 deep for an immense deathmatch. That’s right, there’s now a mode that allows you to battle with five teams of 20 for the Victory Royale.

For the Teams of 20 mode, all teammates will be displayed in green on the map and it will also display how many team members are alive from each grouping.

This brand new patch also provides new content for both Fortnite Battle Royal and Save The World, with the Burnout Skin, Hoverboard Boost Pad and The Wukong Hero being has been added to the game as well.

There are also bug fixes to the game, accuracy adjustments to the Hunting Rifle and damage increases for weapons and traps.

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