Jack White releases new single 'Over and Over and Over'

Jack White, Boarding House Reach, Over and Over and Over, hip-hop vibe, gospel chorus,synth

Jack White, the ex-frontman of the White Stripes has released the fourth song from his upcoming albumBoarding House Reach. 

"Over and Over and Over"  is the latest release from the highly anticipated album. This hard rock driven song incorporates an odd hip-hop vibe, a distorted gospel chorus, and even some synth.

Jack White originally envisioned "Over and Over and Over" as a collaborative project with Jay-Z. There's a bluesy feel to it and the almost rapping, shouting vocals is what adds the sense of a hip-hop, making this vision clear.

In an interview with Rolling StoneWhite explained his inspiration behind the album.

"I wanted to take punk, hip-hop and rock & roll, and funnel it all into a 2018 time capsule."

This is a similar sound to what has been captured in other songs released from the album such as "Connected By Love" and "Corporation." White has clearly communicated a vision for Boarding House Reach with these songs. It's interesting and weird, drawing you in from the first listen.

Take a listen here:

Boarding House Reach drops on March 23.

What's your favorite song that's been released from the album so far?

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