Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom rekindle a year after 2017 breakup, seen in Prague

Katy Perry

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom rekindle a year after 2017 breakup, seen in Prague

Well, another Star-studded love story has taken a reinventing twist, as they have gotten back into being a couple, seemingly the relationship never was broken, or at least just broken in name. But with a recent sighting in foreign territory, this famous couple has love in the works for now, as Katy Perry, superstar pop singer, and Orlando Bloom, roguish and debonair actor, hit it off again.

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom had split in 2017, and now have the appearances of a rekindled relationship after being seen in Prague on vacation. Both matched each other in apparel. Also, both superstars have kept in touch since they broke up in March 2017, serendipitously reappearing right before March this year.

“Orlando has had this flat since September or October when he arrived to shoot Carnival Row. Katy and Orlando went across the street to have lunch in Savoy Restaurant, a very cozy restaurant," a source told US Weekly.

The pair has already been seen together during their break, “Well you know I think people are in and out of your life... It’s nice to keep people you love around you," Perry said during her appearance on SiriusXM radio's The Morning Mashup around the point in time when she was with Bloom to see Ed Sheeran in August, according to InStyle.

They’ve been photographed walking Bloom’s dog, Mighty, and have visited the city’s castle, in Prague's winter weather bundled up.

Their excursion in Prague is the second leisurely foray this year. They discreetly hung out in the Maldives following Perry's concert in Dubai. Fans caught pictures of them almost getting away with being low key in baseball caps, according to Vanity Fair.

For now, all seems to be smiles and pleasant giggles with the inswing famous pair, and since this is an old and new relationship, it seems it never ended. Obviously, they want to be together now, and had their doubts before, but gave it a try again and got back together. Do you think they ever left each other's minds?

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