Kristen Wiig most likely to be Cheetah in Wonder Women 2

Kristen Wiig, Wonder Woman

Kristen Wiig most likely to be villain Cheetah in Warner Bros, DCs Wonder Women 2

Wonder Women has some new enemies to contend with in the sequel to the 2017 premiere of Warner Bro and DC's movie which outperformed all of their other explorations into the DC universe in 2017. Diana will certainly be tested to her limits against a baddy that can fight as her equal.

Kristen Wiig who was recently in the Ghostbusters remake with an all-female lead cast is in communications with Warner Bros and DC to act in Wonder Woman 2. She should be the nefarious antagonist squaring off against Gal Gadot.

Wiig will assume the part of Cheetah. With female protagonist and villain making for an intense matchup it will certainly be a fan favorite because Wonder Woman has to contend with another woman for survival, with speed being key which is a great synergetic way to symbolize strong femininity.

Wonder Woman which was a box office hit will certainly provide a great foundation for Wonder Woman 2. The story takes place during the end game of the Cold War --circa 1980's-- over 70 years after the events of the first movie during World War I.

Gal Gadot had played the role of Wonderwoman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice beforehand. But then she hit theaters with Wonder Woman, playing a fantastic Diana, and created a major his for DC: $410.5 million in the domestic box office --second to Beauty and the Beast.  Gadot played Diana again in Justice League in 2017.

Wonder Woman and Cheetah
Wonder Woman and Cheetah. Liam Sharp/DC Comics

Kristen Wiig is the most likely prospect of being Dr. Barbara Ann Minerva, a British archaeologist who wants to possess The indestructible Lasso of Truth. The envious archaeologist's backstory leading up to some magic gone wrong to create her new ego Cheetah. The story will be tailored by Patty Jenkins, sure to get fans back to make it a box office hit, according to Bustle.

Kristen Wiig has been in films such as Sausage Party, The Martian, Bridesmaids, The Skeleton twins and The Secret life of Walter Mitty and also for her participation in Saturday Night Live and TV appearances like The Last Man on Earth.

The Sequel to Wonder Woman is shaping up to look savvy and full of intrigue with the backdrop of a global contest between West and East divided by the Iron Curtain. Certainly, the villain as an evil scientist turned superhuman, played by the right actress, like Kristen Wiig, will be a great reproduction of the ethos within the DC universe, and Cheetah certainly will not be the only antagonist Gal Gadot will face.

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