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Meghan Trainor dishes out new single No Excuses, from her album to be released this year

Meghan Trainor

Meghan Trainor dishes out new single No Excuses, from her album to be released this year

Meghan Trainor is back and better than ever and her new single is looking to break charts again. With the success of her album Title, followed up by Thank You with it's single NO, she has a great base to work off of and depending on her other tracks released with No Excuses, the album could be a big-time biggie in 2018. With her message of female independence and strength at odds with our current state of affairs socially, it is a defiant, yet cute, shout down of irresponsible behavior while getting to the point of treating one another with respect.

Meghan Trainor on March first, Thursday, released a new track, No Excuses, cutting down chauvinist social currents accompanied by her music video with poppy blue and pink visuals, combining retro and contemporary.

“Why you acting like you never met a lady / I don’t disrespect you / Don’t you disrespect me./ Your mama raised you better than that," is Meghan's line that says it all, "no excuses."

 People interviewed Trainor, only 24, who blasted into the mainstream with All About That Bass, and who is looking to dish out in 2018 her third studio album.

Trainor said to People about the new LP in the works. “It’s everything I hoped for. We worked so hard on it, and I’m freaking out; I can’t wait any longer for the world to hear it!" And specifically referring to No Excuses, Meghan said, "This was one of the last songs I wrote for this entire album, and it was just a personal experience I had. It just reminded me we need more respect in the world, and we need more respect for each other at every age. As a 24-year-old woman talking to older people who have been in the business for longer than I have been, I’m just confused: How are you not respectful in this situation right now?"

As to the making of the music video, Trainor stated, "I’m still living in the ’90s! Those are my favorite colors of all time. I’m just a big turquoise and coral kind of girl. Everything you see in that music video was from my Pinterest."

Trainor also indicated she can work under pressure, "And we had a short amount of time to get it together because I wrote this song at the last second and they were like, “This should be the first single!” So I had a couple of days to get my life together. My choreographer and creative director were like, “There should be three of me” because we don’t want it to be a big, crazy music video that’s too preachy — we just want to let the song sing for itself and be cute and let them know, with a wink, we have a message here," She divulged to People.

Trainor signed up with Epic Records and released All About That Bass in June 2014, hitting 1,600,000 YouTube views during its first month of release and topped at No. 1 on charts globally.

The prior track sat for eight weeks at No. 1, a record for an Epic Records single at this moment. Trainor also dished out robust singles Lips Are Moving and Dear Future Husband. Both were in the pop Top 20 millions upon millions of YouTube hits while giving her self-titled debut album a boost to be at No. 1 from the far east to the near west, according to Biography.com.

Meghan Trainor seems to be lock loaded for this 2018 and her album this year has already a great single out to the public, surely to ramp up excitement for her fans, as they eagerly anticipate her LP. She's already broken a few records and won awards and she looks in good shape to really dominate the charts, again!


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