Netflix Anime Selection to add 30 new anime by the end of 2018

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Netflix is officially committed to the anime brand and the creative architect behind anime’s future on the streaming service.

In an article with the Japan Times, Netflix’s director of anime, Taito Okiura discussed Netflix’s new commitment to anime, including their promise to deliver 30 new exclusive anime by the end of the calendar year.

Okiura was essentially the resource that Netflix anime desperately needed in order to truly adapt anime into its library of content without recycling old material. Netflix had been vying for his services since 2016. And after being offered the job twice, Okiura accepted and has been working for the company since last October.

Netflix’s recent success in the anime medium has reinforced the overall excitement for fresh and exciting content. They have already made a giant splash with the tribes of anime-niacs who are fans of anime across Netflix’s 190 countries.

 Last year, the Japanese-American anime Neo Yokio ranked third among all Netflix shows watched less than two hours a day, this year they produced the first-ever animated version of the classic Toho franchise “Godzilla” and there are now 55 different anime series on Netflix—and counting.

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