Pink Floyd released 'Dark Side of the Moon' 45 years ago today

It's been 45 years since we crossed to the Dark Side of the Moon.

On this day in 1973, Pink Floyd's legendary album Dark Side of the Moon was released. This particular album has become one of the most influential albums in history. Pink Floyd were pioneers in psychedelic rock, creating a sub-genre of rock and roll that has influenced so many artists today.

Dark Side of the Moon tells the story of one's unsatisfying life and how aspects of said life can lead to a loss of sanity. The story is told through trippy synths and electronic sounds in songs like "On The Run" and "Breathe." The album flows into some of their more well-known songs, such as "Money," "Time," and "Us and Them." These are prime examples of the roots of psychedelic rock, songs that have had an impact on rock music today.

Progressive and Artistic

Pink Floyd has been applauded by critics everywhere for their progressive and artistic sound. The band's eighth album was named the 43rd greatest album of all time by Rolling Stone. They described it as-

"One of the best-produced rock albums ever, and "Money" may be the only Top 20 hit in 7/4 time."

So, do yourself a favor, and wear that shirt with the iconic prism and rainbow on the front. History was made today; thanks to Dark Side of the Moon, the sound of the early '70s lives on forever!

What's your favorite song from Dark Side of the Moon?

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