Are Shawn Mendes and Hailey Baldwin dating?

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We're still not sure.

Shawn Mendes posted a pic on Instagram with Hailey Baldwin which is fueling rumors that they are dating. Again. Still.

One fan summed it up quite well in a comment on the post, "Don't torture us, just tell us if you're dating her or not, we can't take this anymore."


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Or maybe he's trying to garner support since Hailey just told US Weekly when asked who she's dating, “Currently, I’m not.”

She also added, “I mean, I hang out with people obviously and get to know them. It takes me a long time to feel like I can warm up to somebody before I ever even consider dating them.”

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Either way, the pair have been rumored to be dating since October 2017, when they were seen holding hands at a Haloween party, which, we think, is a pretty long time.

Basically, Shawn and Hailey, fans just want to know if this relationship is going anywhere because we're getting really emotionally involved and if it's not going to end well, we need to know.

Maybe Alicia Keys can dig up some dirt while Shawn works with her as a mentor on The Voice.

What do you think friends or secretly dating or one-sided crush? Tell us below!

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