Ariana Grande could be planning a winter wonderland wedding to Pete Davidson

Could this whirlwind romance lead to a winter wonderland?

Ariana Grande is ready and thrilled to plan her wedding to Pete Davidson of Saturday Night Live.

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According to an anonymous source speaking to ET, Grande has had an intense desire to be married, even as a teen: "Ariana has talked about marriage since she was 15…During her teen years, she was always very dreamy about a wedding and she used to call friends and talk about one day having that one special person."

Something Old, Something New

According to the source, Grande has planned her wedding down to the T. "Ariana also spoke about a winter wedding, which seemed a little cold, but she loves the idea of a winter wonderland-type scene.” Even her escort down the aisle has been locked in since her teen years. "She used to talk about her brother walking her down the aisle and giving her away. They are really close and she felt he would be the perfect man to do that."

the chamber of secrets has been opened ...

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Grande’s engagement to Davidson follows a whirlwind romance lasting just a few short weeks. They announced their engagement, according to US Weekly, at Robert Pattinson’s June 9 birthday party.

The jeweler who made Grande's engagement ring reveals that Davidson bought it at the end of May--and that it clocks in at a whopping $100,000.

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Their engagement may be quick, but friends and family assure that they’re deeply in love. According to another Us Weekly source, “They are looking forward to a very long engagement together.”

What do you think of this whirlwind romance? Will it make it to the "I do's"? Weigh in below!

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