GirlGamer eSports Festival unveils speaker roster

girlgamer esports festival

GirlGamer eSports Festival has just unveiled its roster of speakers for its conference day.

Festival speakers include Ana “aNouC” Oliveras, a long-time professional gamer and current Product Manager at the ESL Gaming Network; Heather Garozzo, director of fan engagement of Team Dignitas and a panel of professional female gamers who will cover toxicity and inclusion in the gaming world.

The conference portion of the festival looks to cover all aspects of professional and competitive gaming. Oliveras will speak about the history of online gaming and her part in shaping it while Garozzo will present a talk on how eSports athletes have undergone the training of traditional athletes.

Other conferences will include topics such as the media’s reaction to the growing prominence of eSports and the formation of a legal framework of the industry. The festival is clearly using this opportunity to widen its reach past just its competitions. The turnout for these talks may very well change the industry.

Here is the full roster of conference speakers:

Anna Rozwandowicz
The Story Mob, Co-Founder - previously VP of Communications, ESL

Kalie Moore
The Story Mob, Co-Founder - previously Head of Communications, BITKRAFT Esports Ventures

Heather Garozzo
Team Dignitas (Philadelphia 76ers), Director of Fan Engagement

Filipe Mayer
CCA Ontier, Partner

Moritz Maurer

Nuno Folhadela

Chris Chaney
Infinite Esports & Entertainment, Founder & President

Ana Oliveras Daví
ESL Spain, Product Manager

Nicolás Crespo
DEVA eSports, President

Baraa Abdulla
Bahrain TV International VG55, Producer and Presenter

Dave Smith
Metta Sport, Founder and Managing Director

Marion Lopez
eParadise Angels

Nicole Sølvmose

Bella Lee
Forger Valkyrie

Emmalee Garrido
Team Dignitas

Marlies Brunnhofer
Zombie Unicorns

Get more information about ht eGirlGamer eSports Festival here, and get tickets here.

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