The best comedic moments of Robin Williams: you will laugh your buns off!

The body of work of Robin Williams is always good for a hearty laugh

Robin Williams had a gift for bringing joy to the world.  To quote his dear friend, Billy Crystal, "He made us laugh.  Hard."  And he did.

From his first guest-starring role on Happy Days in 1978, the world according to comedy was never going to be the same.

However, his dramatic roles were often incredible.  His turns in films such as Dead Poet's Society, Awakenings, The Fisher King, Good Will Hunting, Lee Daniels' The Butler and One Hour Photo truly showed off his range.

Something that made Robin Williams so special wasn't just his ability to make us laugh, but also his generosity to other comedians and performers.  He always let others shine and he was usually the first to laugh at a good joke and his laugh was infectious.

Watching him play with greats like Jonathan Winters, Carol Burnett, Whoopi Goldberg, Johnny Carson, David Letterman, Richard Prior, Steve Martin, Nathan Lane and Billy Crystal have brought about some of the best moments in the history of comedy.

Coming up with a list of his greatest comedic moments was difficult as almost every appearance of his, whether it was on the couch of a talk show, one of his popular comedy films and of course, stand-up routines was funny.  Most people and their work cannot boast that on a good day and Robin rarely had an off day.

The recent HBO documentary Come Inside My Mind by Marina Zenovich attempts to be more than a celebration of his life, but also offer some explanations on the darker side of this person who was known for bringing so much joy.

The time has come to revisit some of his best comedic moments.  This list contains one-liners, bits from his stand-up, remarkable movie roles, charity shows and lots of hilarious clips.

Warning, some of the jokes are racy and many are not at all politically correct, but they sure are funny.

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