Teresa Tapp

Teresa Tapp's life long journey to understand and teach others "how to help your body help itself" repair and rebuild has taken her all over the world from corporate centers and science laboratories to international model agencies and every day moms. However, her passion is empowering real people, especially women, with the ability to achieve lasting results for better brain-body fitness and healthy hormones. Her workouts, called T-Tapp, do not use any equipment or stretchy bands and can be done in less that 4 feet of space. Her innovative way of using full fiber activation of multiple muscles (T-Tapp Method) increases energy, decreases inflammation and improves effectiveness of any activity. Her book, Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes, is a global bestseller. Teresa's public broadcast tv documentary, Vibrant for Life was launched in November 2015. To learn more about T-Tapp and to try sample exercises for free go to //www.t-tapp.com/try/index.html T-Tapp offers unlimited free telephone and tech support to all of their customers. When you're ready, T-Tapp is ready to help YOU achieve results.... Yes You Can!