Belloluna Interview

John Brand, singer/songwriter of the modern jazz band, Belloluna talks about the influence of everybody from Supertramp to Mel Torme… Jazz, rock and roll and of course his career in the music industry.

Kimberla Roby Interview

INTERVIEW WITH KIMBERLA ROBY FROM ARCHIVES DM) In your book, how closely are the…

Paxton Interview

Paxton has turned his life from tragedy to success in a matter of a few years. He went from living on the street, homeless, to touring the country and releasing his second album. Paxton talks to us about this dramatic change in his life.

Stu Shulman Interview

INTERVIEW WITH STU SHULMAN FROM ARCHIVES DM) What’s the story of the foundation of Seedless Records?…

Warrant Interview

Erik talks about his life in Rock, the song Heaven, and sex, drugs and rock and roll.

Ann Seaman Interview

Ann’s unauthorized biography of Jimmy Swaggart paints a decidedly well-rounded portrait of the televangelist. Seaman tells why she likes the man who fell from the grace of many around the world, and why cousin Jerry Lee Lewis would have never made it to the big-time without him.

Dr. Dorie Interview

Weight loss is always a problem, but Dr. Dorie teaches you it has to do with self esteem, motivation, drive and support.

John Hiatt Interview

John Hiatt, famous for composing songs for artists from everyone to Bonnie Raitt, The Neville Brothers to Iggy Pop explains in our interview a bit about his songwriting and his heavy influence in the blues.

Milla Jovovich Interview

Supermodel/Singer/Actress Milla Jovovich talks about life, love and her career and how she wishes she could be successful without being famous.

Scott Adams Interview

Scott Adams gives us a deeper perspective on why Dilbert gets more popular when the economy goes south, and lets us in on how he creates his comic.