The Flash, recap

‘The Flash’ season premiere The Flash Reborn recap

Taking place six months after Barry left, things have settled into a new normal: Barry is still gone after walking into the Speed Force prison and Team Kid Flash/Team Vibe is trying…

Jake Paul

Jake Paul is fighting zombies in YouTube Red’s ‘Fight of the Living Dead’

Say hello to the new PewDiePie. It was only a…

Logan Paul, Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne gets stylin’ in new Logan Paul video ‘Outta My Hair’

Bella Thorne has been in some interesting situation, but in…

Matt Sarafa

Catching up with fashion designer/YouTube star Matt Sarafa

Last year, introduced you to 19-year-old Matt Sarafa, fashion…

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Dr. Melanie Ross

Dr. Melanie Ross Mills tells us how to have awkward conversations with friends about money

While Hamlet’s Polonius offered the world good advice when he…

Nicola Rose

Getting to know up and coming writer/director/actor/puppeteer Nicola Rose

Sometimes you get to meet someone whom you just know…

Small Business Revolution, Robert Herjavec, Amanda Brinkman

Robert Herjavec and Amanda Brinkman Celebrate Season 2 of ‘Small Business Revolution’

During a Small Business Revolution-Main Street luncheon inside the Pearl…