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3 Mile 22

'Mile 22' review: The shaky cam will give you a headache

Why Peter Berg, why? Mark Wahlberg and Peter Berg have made some great movies together in the past. Lone Survivor, Deepwater Horizon and Patriot’s Day are all well-made and well-acted films. Their…

Nintendo switch, Nintendo, switch, vr

Nintendo Switch VR mode uncovered

Hackers have recently unearthed virtual reality functionality within the Nintendo…


Twitch approaching YouTubers with million-dollar deals

Twitch is pursuing deals with YouTubers to the tune of…

Bruce Campbell

Bruce Campbell voices Ash in new 'Evil Dead' game

Bruce Campbell will be Ash one more time in a…

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Amy Nelson, 48th Pillsbury Bake-Off® Contest Grand Prize winner, tells about this year's contest

Amy Nelson dishes on her winning dish Before the Food…

Italian progressive rockers Armonite on their new album 'And The Stars Above' [INTERVIEW]

Paolo Fosso, keyboardist and mastermind of the compelling duo Armonite,…

Jenny Pellicer on acting, travel and the need for women's stories [INTERVIEW]

Jenny Pellicer was born in Oslo, Norway to a Mexican…