Coolio Interview

Coolio, renowned for songs like Gansta’s Paradise talks about supporting the troops, patriotism and thinking for yourself.

Dig Interview

Lead singer of Dig, who wrote the song, ‘ Beliee’. An album that proves that industrial strength pop can get you to hum along without making you feel like a wuss.

Baby Ray Interview

INTERVIEW WITH BABY RAY FROM ARCHIVES DM) A lot of reviews describe your music…

Rees Shad Interview

Rees Shad has not only run his own recording studio, interactive media company and record company; he’s put it all on hold to follow the route of singer/songwriter. Rees tells us how he keeps balance in his life and doesn’t fall into the trap of the “touring mania.”

The Stone Coyotes Interview

From a folksinger who’s songs were covered by the likes of Barbra Streisand, Delaney and Bonnie, and Tanya Tucker… to a family of three turned into a rock band… to the inspiration for Elmore Leonard’s latest novel… Barbara Keith tells a little bit of her musical journey.

Vykki Vox Interview

INTERVIEW WITH VYKKI VOX FROM ARCHIVES DM) Who are your musical influences? VV) Thanks…

Dissonance Interview

INTERVIEW WITH DISSONANCE FROM ARCHIVES DM) How did you get your start in music?…

Jane Seymour Interview

Jane Seymour, famous actress, known for roles such as Dr. Quinn medicine woman talks about her recent charity work with Diabetes and her involvement in medicine outside of the television series.

Mike Lane Interview

INTERVIEW WITH MIKE LANE FROM ARCHIVES DM) How did you start in the music…