Raymond Benson Interview

Nine questions with James Bond spy author, Raymond Benson. Since the passing of Ian Fleming, Raymond Benson has taken the reigns of the James Bond phenomena. Raymond gives us a peek into why he likes writing about Bond and his view of the Bond series.

Janis Ian Interview

After 1960’s hits like Society’s Child and Seventeen, Janis Ian has become, what some writers have described as a Living Legend… but don’t call Janis that to her face! In our interview Janis talks about songwriting, life, and most importantly keeping the balance of ‘normality’ in life.

Chumbawamba Interview

Chumbawamba’s come a long way from their indie/punk days. Dunstan Bruce talks a bit about the history of the band, the road they’ve taken, and how he judges success.

Al Bandiero Interview

Al Bandiero is heard nationwide on most major radio markets. He’s seen the world of music and radio change and develop over his career and gives us his thoughts on the future of radio.

Corky Laing Interview

Whatever happened to the Spin Doctors and Mountain? Well, Corky Laing and Eric Schenkman got together and formed the band Cork. And don’t think that Cork was named after Corky… he’ll tell you what it’s really named after.

Acoustic Junction Interview

Acoustic Junction started as simply an acoustic jam of friends and has turned from an indie, grass roots phenomenon to an internationally selling artist. On their latest album they have songs co-written with Nicholas Cage, and they sing with Graham Nash of CSNY fame.

Olsen Twins Interview

For years they were known via their television work on Full House. Now the Olsen twins have expanded into home movies and video games. Ashley Olsen talks about this new sideline.

Sebastian Bach 2nd Interview

Sebastian Bach’s career has been well documented as wild, hectic and stereotypically Rock and Roll. In our follow up interview Sebastian tells us what we’ve missed over the past 5 years, why Skid Row broke up and what he thinks is the best revenge.

Jennifer Perry Interview

Jennifer not only leads a great combo group that’s growing fast in popularity, but she’s also traveled the world as a Marilyn Monroe impersonator. As if that’s not enough, she also does stand-up comedy. Today she talks about her career and what she feels is funny.

Oz Garcia Interview

Nutritionist Oz Garcia has been helping the likes of Winona Ryder, designer Nicole Miller, and supermodel Yasmeen Ghouri keep fit via nutrition. Now his book, The Balance, has become a best seller and is being read by people the world over.