Top 10 Celebrities who Take the NYC Subway

By Diana Cooper,
Is taking the subway becoming a new trend amongst the stars?

When I think of the New York subway, I think of over-heated underground, crowded room and creepy people. It’s shocking news when you learn about a celebrity- someone who is rich enough to take a taxi or have a car service and someone who tries to be incognito, taking the subway. After finding out about Anne Hathaway and fiancé Adam Shulman, I was curious to find out what other celebrities either have taken the subway once before or are usual commuters. You will be shocked to learn what Hollywood star stepped foot (still wearing shades) in the NYC metro.

10. Once Upon a Time co-stars Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas were spotted on May 11 taking the subway to see the Yankees vs. Mariners game. Goodwin and Dallas prove that they can be a normal down-to-earth couple even if they play Snow White and Prince Charming. After all, who really wants to pay for stadium parking or a taxi when the subway is much cheaper?

9. If you want to run into Jake Gyllenhaal in New York, the one place you will find him is on the subway. The Source Code star wins the title for “Most Frequent Celebrity Rider” since he was spotted multiple times in 2011 and most recently, April, this year. He sure doesn’t make his presence known as he is either sporting a baseball cap or sunglasses and stands up listening to his iPod. Gyllenhaal usually takes the N or Q-train to Brooklyn, where his sister, Maggie, lives.

8. Another couple who enjoys taking the subway is Brooklyn native Anne Hathaway and her fiancé Adam Shulman. They were seen twice this year so far taking the subway- once in January after a midtown lunch date and again on July 4 packing on PDA while standing amongst a crowd. Anne Hathaway, you don’t need to play Catwoman just to prove you are our favorite hero.

7. Actress Jessica Alba was surprisingly spotted twice on the subway. Back in 2008, she took her daughter, Honor Marie, and her bodyguard on the train from Union Square to Brooklyn to check out apartments at the time. Earlier this year in February, she spent a normal day shopping in SoHo with a friend and then hopped on the subway to go to lunch.

6. Hugh Jackman has become a true New Yorker. First taking Broadway by the storm and now riding the subway just like everyone else. The Wolverine actor looks way more approachable in life than the characters he plays, which is why we love him. After picking up his little tots, Oscar and Ava, from school, Jackman took them for a ride on the subway for a midtown playdate in May 2010.

5. In 2008, Lindsay Lohan was snapped taking the train with her girlfriend at the time, Samantha Ronson, to SoHo to buy DJ equipment. The couple, wearing hipster clothing, stood chatting for most of their ride before landing a seat. Maybe Lohan’s better off taking the subway being that she recently got into a major car accident in June.

4. Bradley Cooper proves that even the Sexiest Man Alive can take public transportation. In July 2010, The Hangover actor was seen taking the Christopher street station back to his uptown hotel. This is only one of the many times he was spotting taking the subway. Being that he was born in Philadelphia, there is no surprise that this hunk is not a stranger underground.

3. Kim & Kourtney Take New York...subway. While filming their show in NY November 2010, the reality stars decided it was time to experience what living in New York really meant. Kim tweeted, “I’ve never been on the subway....1st time for everything!” And most likely the last. Kourtney wore a gold medallion that said “I’m an icon” with stilettos. Kim made sure everyone knew about their attempt to be normal by tweeting a photo of them on the 6-train.

2. In 2006, Beyoncé was spotted riding the B-train on her way to a CD signing at J&R Express. Six-years later, the R&B singer is married to Jay-Z and is a mother to daughter Blue Ivy. With the amount of security she has, we’re sure she won’t be taking the subway again any time soon.

1. Pop Star Madonna took the F-train downtown in September 2010. And you won’t believe what she did on the train- held onto the pole! The “I love New York” singer, going incognito with a baseball cap and sunglasses, told a cameraman, “I don’t mind you taking my photo, but be discreet.”

Other celebs who ride the subway: Zoe Saldana, Julianne Moore, Keanu Reeves, Neil Patrick Harris, Claire Danes, Anderson Cooper and Zooey Deschanel.

Tell us what you think. Who surprised you the most?

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