'Parks and Recreation': 'Pawnee Commons' Review

By Matthew Dougherty ,

Parks and Recreation continued to pick up its fifth season with this great episode.

The main story of the night saw Leslie squaring off once again against Eagleton. When a park designer from Leslie’s rival town offers to design a new park she is naturally skeptical. But Ben hopes differently and wants to give the man a chance.

Leslie appears to be have proven right when two Eagletonians come with a insulting design that includes drool buckets and such. Leslie freaks out and creams the original designers head. But he didn’t actually do it and fired the two that did. It was a hilarious moment in a great episode about the Eagleton rivalry.

But the best story of the night went to Andy who just got a job as a security job at the government offices, and is already bored. So he calls April down and they play a weird game where Andy is an FBI agent and April is Hitler’s long lost daughter. These two still work incredibly well together, even though they were married very early in the series.

The little kid getting lost was a cute moment for Andy too as he learned he could like this job. April and he retired his FBI agent character is a surprisingly touching ceremony.

The weakest story tonight fell on Tom building his new business. This time he has everyone’s support and they create something nice. The story just wasn’t quite as captivating as the Eagleton rivalry or Andy’s new job.

Pawnee Commons was another great episode added to the season. I’m glad to see this show pick itself up as it has after the few misguided episodes earlier this year.

image: NBC



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