Top 10 Emotional Moments From The CW's 'Supernatural'

By Kristen Porricelli,

Supernatural has been gracing our televisions since season one premiered in 2005 starring Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester) and Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester) and the Winchester brothers are still going strong as season eight premiered this October.

But through these past eight seasons Sam and Dean have given fans some emotional moments that have left us sitting on our couches with tear-streaked faces becoming more and more emotionally attached to these hunting bros.

So I took on the task of going through the seasons and choosing some of the most tear-jerking scenes for you to relive, as if Supernatural hasn't put us through enough emotional damage.

10. This moment is the ending scene of "Houses of the Holy" from season two. The episode deals with the possibility of angels well before the Winchesters meet Castiel. Dean returns from the end of their latest job and listens to Sam's disappointment over the spirit they were hunting turning out not to be an angel after all. Sam's true sadness over the situation coupled with Dean willing to believe he witnessed "God's will" makes it to be a brotherly moment to remember, especially when we actually meet a real angel of the Lord in season four.

9. How would you react if you ever had the chance to meet your parents when they were young? Well Sam and Dean got that chance when they met young John and Mary Winchester in "The Song Remains the Same" from season five. This also happened to be Dean's second time seeing the young version of his parents. Pay attention to the look on Sam and Dean's faces when they see John and the way Sam looks at his mother. It's enough to break your heart. And as a bonus, I'll also mention the scene later on in the episode when Sam is talking to young John about his father although young John has no clue Sam's talking about him.

Follow this link to watch.

8. This moment is from the episode "Home" from season one when Dean calls John for help. Of course John doesn't pick up so emotions run high as we watch Dean beg for his dad's help on a job he and Sam are working in their childhood home.

Follow this link to watch the clip.

7. Sam and Dean fighting is always hard for a Supernatural fan to watch but this fight between the brothers is one of the worst. In this moment from season four's "When the Levee Breaks," Ruby is the topic of this heated discussion that quickly escalates to Dean calling his brother a monster, the one thing Sam never wanted to hear from him. A huge physical fight happens in their motel room ending with Dean telling Sam not to come back if he walks out the door.

6. In season two's "What Is and What Should Never Be," Dean's reality is warped by a Djinn and he gets to see what his life would be like if Mary was still alive and they never became hunters. But in this life John passes away so Dean visits his grave and talks to his father about what's going on begging for answers to questions that will probably go unanswered, and Dean unfortunately realizes that.

5. I guess you could classify this moment as both emotional yet creepy at the same time. In "Meet the New Boss" from season seven we see Castiel die except only seconds later he wakes up and appears to be fine. Leave it to the writers of Supernatural to tease us because right after that Castiel is taken over by the black ooze-filled Leviathan. Our emotions are taken on a ride as we lose Castiel again and fall victim to the creepy laugh that ends the episode.

4. Dean may have said he's not the praying type but Sam locked in Bobby's panic room begging for Dean and calling his name changes his mind. Dean goes outside to get some air and this scene from "My Bloody Valentine" during season five is the result. A few simple words and Jensen Ackles brings more emotion than you could ask for to Dean's plea for Heaven's help.

3. "Swan Song," the season five finale, was a tough episode to watch. There was the possibility that it would be the last episode of Supernatural ever but fans also had to endure Sam saying yes to Lucifer, Castiel dying at one point, Bobby dying after that and Lucifer in Sam's body beating up Dean until his face is a bloody mess. Add to that a flashback of the previous seasons all at once and you can cue the tears.

Follow this link to endure the torture of reliving those moments.

2. Moving onto another heart-wrenching moment as a Supernatural fan, we get to "Death's Door" from season seven. This episode basically ripped out fans' hearts and broke them into a billion pieces when Bobby died. He writes some numbers on Sam's hand and calls the brothers 'idjits' as he always had before just as his heart stops. The episode ends with Bobby talking to his reaper and reliving a time in the past with Sam and Dean, the boys he considered his sons. The worst part about this episode was we were left hanging until the next week to find out if Bobby died or not. Talk about toying with our emotions!

1. Finally we make it to number one. The emotional moment to top them all is from the season two finale, "All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 2." In this scene Dean talks to Sam's dead body after Sam was stabbed by Jake, one of the Yellow Eyed Demon's special children. He talks about their childhood and how he failed to do that one job he had, protect Sammy. After this episode Supernatural fans had Dean's question, "what am I supposed to do?!" forever ingrained in their minds.

Did you tear up or did you ball your eyes out reminiscing on these past Supernatural moments? It was hard picking just ten emotional moments since there have been so many through eight seasons. Don't hesitate to reveal you're favorite emotional moment if I didn't include it here!



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