Top 5 Celebrities Who Eat Organic

By Stephanie Marcell,

Hollywood makes it top priority to be sure only the best goes into their bodies. Going green and organic is all the craze among celebs but these celebrities take it to the next level, dedicating their entire lifestyle to being organic and helping the the planet. These are the Top 5 Most Organic Celebrities.

5. Gwyneth Paltrow

Not only does this Hollywood actress and mother believe in only cooking and eating organic but she has even created a blog dedicated to living clean and green, Goop. The blog features exclusive insider tips on recipes, shopping and wellness.

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4. Alicia Silverstone

This lady has not only dedicated herself to living an organic lifestyle, she has sworn off eating meat. Yes, the Clueless actress is a vegan and only consumes whole organic fruits and veggies. She has also created an organic cosmetic line, Juice Beauty. According to Tree Hugger, she even swam in the buff for a PETA commercial which was banned in the US.


Hollywood’s favorite couple is demonstrating what loving your planet means. From adopting children to running an organic wine vineyard this power couple is definitely living an organic lifestyle. Grist reports that the Jolie-Pitts run a 1,000 acre vineyard in the south of France which includes a thirty-five bedroom estate. Rumors swirl they will serve their own organic Rose at their wedding.

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2. Giselle Bundchen

This Brazilian supermodel claims that her banging body and glowing skin is not simply genes but also because she leads a healthy organic lifestyle. The Examiner reports that the supermodel wanted to share her love for organic products with the world, so she launched her own organic skin care line, Sejaa.

1. Kourtney Kardashian

The reality star talked about embracing an organic lifestyle with SHAPE she says her diet is very clean and simple. Using simple and seasonal ingredients to create sustainable meals for her family.

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