Death of Amy Winehouse under investigaton again, coroner lacked credentials

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

The death of “Rehab” singer Amy Winehouse devastated fans in 2011 after much speculation surrounded her untimely passing. Now, more scandal is surrounding her death one year later as the coroner who oversaw the autopsy is said to have lacked the required credentials to determine a cause of death.

In October 2011 Coroner Suzanne Greenway ruled that Winehouse died from too much alcohol in her system.

According to BBC, Greenway’s husband has since resigned amid scandal that he appointed his wife for the job without first checking if she met the required qualifications. Her husband, Dr. Andrew Scott Reid, is said to have appointed Greenway as assistant deputy coroner in July 2009.

Since being appointed, she oversaw 11 deaths, including Winehouse, who died at the age of 27 in London.

Image: Twitter

Greenway lacked the required five-year experience as a medical examiner as well as five years with the Law Society.

A new hearing on behalf of the investigation into Winehouse’s death is expected to take place Jan. 8 at St. Pancras Coroner’s Court. Additional investigations into the other rulings made by Greenway will only be held at the request of family members. However, TMZ reports that Winehouse’s family is not behind reopening the case involving their daughter.



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