Top 10 ways to have the best summer ever

By Amanda Horowitz ,
Fun things to do to make this summer epic, no matter how old you are.

Whether your summer started two days ago or starts in two weeks, there are about three long months of sunshine ahead, and how will you spend it? Will this be a summer full of adventure or full of movie-marathons and boredom? The days are getting longer and there’s just that much more time to spend having the best summer of your life. Start getting some ideas now, and make this the summer you won’t forget! Summer 2013…get ready because here comes the top 10 countdown of things you should do this summer to make it the best one yet. All of these activities can be done at any age, whether it's with friends, old high school buddies, college pals, work friends, neighbors, as date nights or with the whole family. Cheers to making the most of it, no matter how old you are.

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