Top Republicans calling for Michigan GOP official to resign

By Kyle Johnson,

Top Republicans have been calling for Republican National Committee Michigan member Dave Agema to resign after he recently made anti-gay and anti-Muslim comments.

UPI reports that RNC Chairman Reince Priebus and Michigan Party Chairman Bobby Schostak called for his resignation.

Former Michigan Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land also spoke up and said, "What is best for the party, and is best for Dave, is that he resigns."

Agema, however, said that he won't resign his post, though he admits that he has made some mistakes, according to The Associated Press.

Agema said he would "honor the trust and fulfill the responsibilities to those in the Michigan Republican Party that elected me."

The calls for his resignation began after several recent actions, including one where he posted an article that claimed gays were responsible for 50 percent of the murders in big cities. He also made comments that gays pushed for healthcare because of AIDS.

UPI notes he also spoke at the Republican National Committee saying, "Folks, [homosexuals] want free medical because they're dying between 38 and 44 years old." Agema also mentioned traditional marriage and how those "opposed on that issue within our party are wrong."

Agema also took to Facebook to cast doubt upon Muslims' charitable efforts.



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