Top 10 Naya Rivera and Lea Michele duets on 'Glee'

By Lauren Wheeler,

There have been rumors spreading of a possible feud between Lea Michele and Naya Rivera on the set of Glee. There have been false reports that Rivera was actually fired from Glee. While the real life drama may or may not be happening, it is a great time to take a look at the relationship between their characters Rachel and Santana.

Rachel and Santana have the strongest female voices on the show. Individually, the two have had great covers of hit songs. Santana’s version of "Valarie" blows the roof off of other Glee covers. Rachel’s "Make You Feel My Love" cover was completely heartbreaking. Together, they are unstoppable.

Santana and Rachel’s relationship has been developed throughout the entire series. The have gone from enemies to friends to family. Currently, the two girls live in New York City. While they had been in an arc of disliking each other again, the two girls made up in Glee’s 100th episode. Most recently, Santana did Rachel a huge favor; Rachel skipped a show and Santana covered for her. Rachel fixed her dinner and Santana said that she was going to be a better friend.

No matter what is happening off the screen with Michele and Rivera, Rachel and Santana are great characters that are both incredibly important to the show. Their duets are some of the best songs on the show. They have sung pop songs, songs from musicals and rock songs together.

Here are the ten best Rachel and Santana duets.

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