Top 10 'A' Messages on 'Pretty Little Liars'

By Lauren Wheeler,
Kisses -A

Pretty Little Liars is back for it’s fifth season and A is worse than ever. A has shot Ezra, killed Mrs. DiLaurentis and nearly shot each of the Liars. To prepare for more of A’s wrath, let’s take a look at A’s most interesting messages.

Before reading this, we have to understand who A is and how it all works. Originally, A was Mona, using the dirt from Alison’s diary to blackmail Aria, Hanna, Spencer and Emily into doing things. Mona was caught in the second season finale, “UnmAsked” and sent to Radley. After Mona was away, there was a new A, red coat. In the Halloween episode of the fourth season, it was revealed that Alison was red coat but she wasn’t the one blackmailing the girls.

A had been around since the summer before Alison went missing. A terrorized Alison as well, which is what made her fake her own death. A has threatened more than the girls. A told Ella, Aria’s mother, about her husband’s affair. A also stole money from Hanna’s mother.

Each of the girl’s significant others have been suspected or actually were on the A-team. Toby joined the A-team to protect Spencer and figure out what was going on. Ezra was suspected to have joined the A-team because he was writing a book about Alison but it actually turns out that he loves Aria and was just trying to tell Alison’s story for attention. Paige was suspected to be on the A-team because she hated Alison but instead she was just a backstabber and told the police that Alison was still alive and Emily broke up with her. Caleb met Hanna because he was spying on her. But, it turns out that he’s the most loyal out of all of the boyfriends and was just trying to protect her.

A’s messages come through text, radio, lipstick on mirrors and everything in-between. While all of them are dark and evil, A is very clever on how she gives a message. She even locked Spencer in a steam room and wrote on the mirror.

Here are A’s most vicious and creative messages. If your favorite isn’t on the list, let me know in the comments.

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