Top 10 Music videos from late singer Aaliyah

By Elizabeth Learned,

Aaliyah was a rising R&B star in the 1990’s, with hits such as "Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number" and "More Than A Woman." Unfortunately, her life was tragically cut short in a plane crash in 2001, right after filming a music video for her song "Rock The Boat."

The world mourned this beautiful young woman, who was only 22 years old when she passed away.

Now, recent news has come that Lifetime is planning a biopic of Aaliyah’s life, with Disney channel star Zendaya Coleman set to play the singer. Zendaya is a singer herself, with her hit song “Replay” and she also appeared on Dancing With The Stars.

The recent news of this biopic brings back memories of the sultry singer with a beautiful voice and we look back at some of her music videos she created during her all too short career. Many of her songs featured rapper Timbaland, who worked with Aaliyah for years and was heartbroken at her loss, as were many other artists and fans from all over.

TheCelebrityCafe.com is counting down Aaliyah’s top 10 music videos. They showcase what a talent this young woman truly was, leaving behind thoughts of what her career could have been. What are your favorite videos from Aaliyah?



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