The snubs of this year's Emmy's

By Kabraun Dixon,

The 2014 Emmy nominations are pretty "blah" every go-round because it’s the same shows and the same people who are nominated each year. Here are a few shows that deserve some recognition in place of the ones that are consistently nominated.

Where is Mariska Hargitay? Her character Olivia Benson’s transformation over 15 seasons of Law and Order: SVU is remarkable and grows every episode. If there was ever a season to not only give her an Emmy nomination, but an Emmy win, it would be now. Her torture scenes in the first two episodes was one of the best acting on TV this whole year. How she acted in the aftermath of those scenes was even more impressive. Also, Kelli Giddish deserved an Emmy nomination for Supporting Actress.

Shameless's two nominations are insulting. First, no Emmy Rossum. This season, she had it all and lost all in the most realistic way possible. She embodied the pain, loss, and destruction that she had to endure for season four. Second, no Shanola Hampton for Best Supporting Actress. Her dealings with her mom, who served as her surrogate, was so delicately handled that you didn't realize how ridiculous the storyline is. Third, no nomination for Best Drama or Comedy Series. This series is so flexible and so good that the only decision that the Emmy’s should have been deciding on is what category it belongs in. For the two nominations that it did receive (William H. Macy for Supporting Actor and Joan Cusack for Guest Star in a Comedy Series), the nominations are deserving, especially Joan Cusack who is simply marvelous as Sheila. Metacritic gave season four a nine out of 10 score. Jeremy Allen White, Noel Fisher, and Emma Kenney also gave show-stopping performances this season. If there ever was a show to fill up the acting categories this year, it should be Shameless.

I won’t argue that Scandal was snubbed for Best Drama, but I will argue that Bellamy Young was robbed for best supporting actress. This season we saw Mellie and not First Lady Grant. The scene where she laid out her husband (AKA The President) was pure GOLD. The line where she says "You're mean, Fitz" should have been a done deal. Young delivered in every moment that she was on the screen. Kerry Washington obviously got a nod for Best Actress, but the problem is she probaly won’t win. This season of Scandal was pretty slow, but Kerry Washington’s acting job was right on the mark. The acting in this show saved this season and the Emmy’s should recognize it.

Here is a complete list of nominees.

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