Timeline of Malaysia Airline Flight 17 tragedy - Updated

By Michelle Kapusta,

On Thursday, Malaysia Airlines found itself at the center of another tragedy when Flight 17 out of Amsterdam bound for Kuala Lumpur, was shot down above the Ukraine.

CNN noted that all 298 people on board were killed when the plane was shot out of the sky.

President Barack Obama spoke on Friday and called the tragedy an "outrage of unspeakable proportions."

He said that the downing of the Malaysia Airline Flight 17 is believed to be the act of Russian-backed separatists. The President also said this is not the first time aircraft have been shot down in the Ukraine.

The downing of several aircraft in the region dates back months.

May 29, 2014: Rebels in eastern Ukraine reportedly shoot down a government military helicopter killing at least a dozen soldiers and one General.

June 24, 2014: Ukrainian government reports that another military helicopter has been shot down over a rebel-controlled area.

July 14, 2014: A Ukrainian military transport plane is shot down along the eastern border with Russia. However, the defense ministry said that the eight people on board managed to escape safely.

July 16, 2014: Ukraine's Security Council says that a Ukrainian air force fighter jet is shot down by a Russian plane. The pilot of the fighter jet was not killed.

July 17, 2014: Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 crashes after it is shot down by surface-to-air missiles, killing the hundreds on board.

July 18, 2014: President Obama publicly addresses the tragedy and revels that at least one American is among the dead.

July 23, 2014: Ukraine says pro-Russia rebels shot down two fighter jets near where the Malaysian airliner was brought down. Bodies of many of the flight victims were transported from the Ukraine to the Netherlands.



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