Back-to-school can be made easier with these lunch options

September tends to suck.  The summer is over, but it is still hot. Vacation is a thing in the past.  However, back-to-school time can be exciting and fun, for both parents and kids.

Something that can be stressful is the planning of back-to-school meals and snacks.  Every kid has their favorite items, but most appreciate something new to be included to change things up a bit.

While many parents go with the tried and true favorites, most do try to mix things up to find special items that will make their kids' snacks or lunches stand out a bit.

Having cool lunch boxes or convenient containers is part of this process, but choosing some delicious and usually nutritious items to make lunches more interesting is a worthwhile endeavor this time of year.

So, in addition to cool containers or lunchboxes, we compiled a list of awesome beverages, crunchy items, fruit snacks, bars, candy and more that will make your lunch or that of a loved one have a little extra panache for lunch or snack time.

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