Connecticut singer songwriter Kate Callahan's album, Two Doors, is a compilation of gentle guitar strums accompanied by a softly potent voice that shines with brilliance.

Her music and voice aren't the only thing about Callahan that shine in her songs. Her lyrics speak from the heart and often send a positive message to those who hear them, and this album is no different. “You're given a voice, you can exclaim... You can be heard,” she sings in her track “Heard.” The track is about being heard despite having made mistakes and thinking you don't have much importance.

Having had her fair share of trials after suffering a serious brain injury and then going through a difficult recovery, Callahan knows a thing or two about overcoming tribulations. It's no surprise her songs are so full of emotion and encouragement. Depth and feeling are a given in each of her tracks.

Perhaps the sweetest of Callahan's tracks is “Yes.” In the song, she replies “yes” to the answer of love and taking on life together. “Yes, I will love with you, live with you, do this with you forever,” she sings. Even when singing about love in the raw way she does, she sends out messages of perseverance and beauty. “And people will look for the shortcuts. But I've got a mountain to climb and you should see...It's a beautiful view.”

The strongest positivity comes from Callahan's track, “Half Moon.” It has such empowering lyrics. “If we love like we'll never get hurt, squeeze hands like it's really going to to work this time...maybe then we'd be free.”

The beauty of Callahan's music is that it leaves room for her voice to shine in the simplest but most dramatic and beautiful way. The album might only have six tracks, but the quality of them is endless. Callahan has certainly come a long way since taking guitar lessons to help with her memory loss. No song of hers comes without meaning, as is the case with “Two Doors.” See the video below.