Jacksonville rapper Mavrick Savvy is bringing to the circuit a brand new single, entitled, “Paradice,” the second single to come from his upcoming album, More Than You Know, due out for release at the end of 2018.

In closer examination, a “Maverick” is defined as an unorthodox or independent-minded person; “Savvy” is a noun that implies shrewdness and practical knowledge.  Combined this is an apt moniker for the artist, who has faced many trials and tribulations, but through it all, has come out stronger and better.

Savvy’s latest single delves into this part of his life, where he has a fresh start and is moving forward with confidence.

The MV opens up with Savvy in an interview talking about how dreams make up who he is – that without dreams he would be dead.

His great suave, smooth rap style is evident in the track from the get-go.  The polished, melodic hooks and beats have a tantalizing hypnotic quality.  The mesmerizing real cool blend is intoxicating.

Savvy spews out his lyrics with the finesse of a veteran.  His raspy vocals add a textual context to the composition.

The footage to the music video cuts in and out to scenes of Savvy driving around Denver and the cityscape, performing outside his car in an empty lot, and keeping it real as he walks around baggage claim.

The scenes and music really give off a real nonchalant hip hop style that sets him apart from his peers.  The electric electronic backbeat only adds to this distinct blasé approach.

From the words of the master himself, “Paradice isn’t a place, it’s a feeling!”