Former Today host Matt Lauer is reportedly “bending over backwards” to give soon-to-be ex-wife Annette Roque everything she wants in the divorce, reportedly driven by his own guilty conscience.

Lauer is eager to give Roque everything she asks in the settlement, including a payout of up to $20 million. The divorce comes in the wake of Lauer’s ousting from NBC for sexual misconduct allegations, which were brought to light in the #MeToo movement. Some of his victims maintain that their affairs were consensual, but felt that refusing to get involved with Lauer would hurt their career.

This was not the first time Roque filed for divorce. In 2006, when she first learned of Lauer’s infidelity according to Fox News, Lauer had persuaded her to withdraw her filing after signing a “postnup,” which reportedly included a payment of “millions” from Lauer to Roque.

Currently, the source on Fox News says the couple is getting along with each other and spending time with their three children, of whom they will likely share custody.

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