Julie welcomes us to another night where we will have a live eviction as well as someone returning to the house with the Jury BattleBack competition.

#ButFirst: We go back to Day 69 right after the Veto Meeting. Faysal and Haleigh don’t like the idea of sitting next to each other on eviction night. They have accepted that their game is done together. They both have feelings for each other and they both want to explore this relationship outside of the house. Faysal would love the chance to BattleBack into the house. Little does he know what is coming tonight.

The HG are starting to discuss final two deals. Tyler currently has four final two deals. Tyler and Brett discuss another final two deal. I think this is good for Tyler but he also needs to be very careful as the numbers start going down. JC is also looking for upcoming targets. He wants to target Angela/Kaycee and tries to get Tyler on board. Tyler will not flip on them. JC then goes to Brett to try to get him on board with this plan. Brett seems interested but I’m not sure that he is actually buying into it. Brett tells JC he feels a BattleBack coming. He is also correct.

It’s time for the live eviction as either Faysal or Haleigh will be going to the jury house…maybe. Faysal’s speech is basically throwing shade at Angela and making sure that Haleigh will be staying. Haleigh’s speech is much more pleasant. The votes goes as expected as Faysal is the next HG evicted by a 4-1 vote. Faysal goes to chat with Julie and says he wanted to stir up the house before he left. Faysal definitely wants to pursue a relationship with Haleigh outside of the house. He is ecstatic to find out he gets the chance to BattleBack into the house. I’m hoping either Scottie or Faysal is going back into the house.

The house is truly shocked to find out that the four jury members will be battling back into the BB house. Angela looks like she is going to be sick. The HG don’t get to watch the BattleBack. They will know when the HG comes back into the house. We get a quick glimpse of the Jury House where Bayleigh, Rockstar and Scottie are talking about how many bad moves they made during the game. They collectively vote that Rockstar made the worst moves. I still can’t believe how she went out. They are all ecstatic to find out they have a chance to return to the game.

It’s time for the BattleBack Competition. The newly-evicted Faysal joins Bayleigh, Rockstar and Scottie to play “Big Top Drop.” They have to retrieve their colored balls one at a time then drop them into their tube. The first one to drop four balls into their tube will get back in the game. The competition actually looks a bit more difficult than it looks. Scottie does an excellent job and he wins the BattleBack. Scottie will be returning to the game. He tells Julie he wants to realign with Tyler. Scottie is ready for redemption. The HG seem very happy to see Scottie back in the game.

Who will be the next Head of Household? Who will they nominate for eviction?

Find out this Sunday night at 8 p.m. only on CBS!